Design and development of Beat Your Mouse Movement system components

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

With the evolution of the informational society, digital technology and computers have become a part of our everyday life. Two of the most significant areas of this change are the internet the world of mobile technology.

A significant part of our everyday activities – like communication, gathering information, media consumption, arranging or scheduling programs or even living a kind of social life – is elaborated with the help of internet-based applications.

We don't want to be able to only do all these sitting in a chair. Different types of our digital activities have started to move over to different screen sizes. Let's just take reading magazines for example that has mostly been present on pads while the primary platform for navigation is the smaller screened smartphone or a special navigation device.

Regarding these facts it isn't magic to see that softwqare development for mobile platforms is more and more important and a continously growing area of the IT sector.

My other motivation is the medical and urban side of the coin, for say, people in today's fast-paced world tend to spend less and less time in nature and more working in front of their screens.

Because of the above, the topic of my thesis is an internet-based service called Beat Your Mouse Movement (BYMM). Using this service people can keep track of their outdoor vs. their online activity. This means that the users can upload the number of keystrokes, the number of clicks they did and the distance covered by their mouse cursor in different days. They can also upload the distance they went on foot, running or on a bike.

The users can compete with other users or other user groups - companies, groups of friends, citizens of countries, etc. - using these values.

The system consists of the following software components

Back end running on a server. This does the management of data and communicates with every client through RESTful requests.

Desktop application for Windows and Mac. This counts the users' mouse distance, clicks and keystrokes and uploads them to the server from time to time.

Mobile client for the platforms iOS 4.1+ és Android 2.1+. It summarizes and uploads the user's outdoor movements using GPS technology.

Website that provides different interfaces for data input, shows the users' and the groups' statistics on different diagrams. Basic information and the downloadable softwares can also be found here.

My own work in this projekt was designing the software architecture, desifging and implementing the whole functionality of the back end and developing the application for the Android OS.


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