Estimation and data analysis methods in planning and evaluation of software projects

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The critical point of the realization of a software system is the more accurate determination of the e?ort and the estimated cost needed, in order to fulfill the task. The number of failed projects is quite high, even today. The underlying reason is often the inaccurate estimation of the given task. Of course, fully functional and perfectly usable solution for all application ?elds does not exist, still the problem cannot be circumvented. It is worthy to work on a more precise

estimation of the expected cost.

This study discusses Cost and Complexity Methods which are used even nowdays. Part of these methods will be presented on two projects where I have been involved in the development, so all necessary data was at my disposal.

A data model prepared by myself will be presented that is suitable to store data of Development and Veri?cation Projects. Data were gained from the aforementioned projects, they were processed and stored in database.

At the end of this study a visual display that I prepared will be introduced. It is capable of the visualization of Development and Veri?cation Projects' data and suitable for simple analysis. The display function is illustrated by analysing/exploring the data of a real industrial verification project.


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