Development of a Vocal warmup assitent application using Xamarin

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The primary aspect of choosing the goal of my assignment was to broaden my horizons in application planning and implementation, by getting familiar with some new areas and technologies. The mobile platform is one of the hottest nowadays, so I had decided to make a whole, brand new application, with the help of my counsultant. Being a musician, the goal seemed quite clear at some point. I wanted to make an application, which could help me, and my fellow musucians to have all the useful features at one place.

My application mainly aimed the needs of lead singers and vocalists, but all the other instrumental musicians can find some parts useful for them. This is how the Vocal Warmup idea came to my mind. The application contains some really useful features, like tuning fork, metronome, vocal recording, and vocal warmup files that can be played.

With this work behind me, I can say that this application is great if you want to keep all your needed features at one place, and get your time be well used, without any needless hustle. This way you can improve even faster, and more efficiently.


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