Microcontroller development of Access Control System

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The access control system is a security solution, which main task is to prevent unauthorized persons and vehicles entering an object, and is responsible for the registering and regulating the movements of vehicles and persons who eligible for admission. Nowadays security technology offers various solutions to monitor, regulate and limit access to protected areas. One of the easiest and safest solutions is the card access control system. This system ensure efficient protection for a company, an office building or in a specific object during operating time, with the management of access control of the doors of main entries, or entry into specific areas. The operating software influence the most important features of the system, and this operating software permits the movements and give information based on right. Who – When- Where are.

The thesis task is a microcontroller based entry system designing, which solves the entry of doors with RFID cards, and uses local controls. These controls connect to a central controller via wireless communication, and the central controller permits the entry alone, or through a PC-database. A review of national access control systems can conclude that most of these units constituting the system form a network that communicate using a wired connection, in which a computer has a special role. This computer database query determines the access request output. In my opinion, a wired connection is not effective, because when we would like to install an access control system in a building has already been built and used, the installation disturb the operation of the building, as well as the cost and the time of installation is significantly increased. These problems will be avoided, if we use wireless communication system. The wireless communication is not cause a significant surplus of energy consumption, since apart from the master and repeater units, the radio modules can be turn into low-power mode, active communication only occurs when we use an access card.


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