Access control microcontroller system development

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is about engineer an access controll system, which works a door opening and closing method via local control. The local controls work by radio communication and connects to a central device which supervises the authentication and the connection with a computer. The central device receives the data from the computer and stores it in its own memory block.

By thaking a look at the supply of the access controll systems we can state that wired constructions overwhelm the market. My opinion is that in a phisical system wired solution is not the most easily feasible and also highly rises the cost and the integrating time. These issues can be fend off by using a wireless system.

By doing my thesis I gained a deeper experience about the currently available devices on the market, experienced their construction and working system. I took a look at the working of the RFID system also I had the opportunity to make over my first „big scale” engineering plan. I not just indited the diagram of the central and working unit but engineered the printed current board and constructed the accurate working board. After the initiative work I measured and brought to life my construction. During live test I fixed the upcoming hardware failures. I made a revision over the software solution and worked out the firmware for the system. During the programming of the microcontrollers I contunually made debugging. The documentation also forms the part of my work.

I feel that a lot of experience and special knowledge had come to my possession by duing this work. I not only saw into the engineering work but now I can see that planing a working system is not just drawing but in direct sense I have to bring it to life by my best knowledge.


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