Building an access control system

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our everyday life spread RFID systems have gained ground in the operation of buildings too. In a building there are different rooms, offices, where certain people have permission to enter, some people do not. To control the access in such places, RFID identification systems provide us a great opportunity.

The aim of my project is, to build the prototype of a fast, stable, secure and easily modifiable access control system.

This thesis presents several ways of operatation of an access control system and also the detailed solution of the system I have built. The operation was examined by its communication and identification method. I concluded that, the secure biometric access control systems are very expensive and complicated, whereas the card-based systems are however not so secure but chaper and simpler. Therefore I have chosen the RFID identification, where the communication with the database server is Wi-Fi based.

The project has been finished with two IDs in its database. After identification the user has to specify his 4 digit pin code, on a pin pad made by myself in previous semester, and the access is shown by either green or red LED.


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