Designing of data collector unit for access control systems

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Erdős Csanád Gergely
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis work, I designed and implemented a data collector for access control systems.

First of all, I shortly summarize the history of the security systems. Then I listed the parts of an access control system and the and the ways of the identification.

I presented the necessary functions, and sketched its relationship with the alarm control centre and the fire alarm control centre.

After that, I get to acquainted with the different sensor types, then I listed more solutions with pros and contras to measure and simulate their signals.

I presented the different blocks of the schematic and their functions. I cast accounts to demonstrate the practicability.

Then I presented the steps of the printed circuit board designing.

Furthermore, I presented the structure of the software written to the microcontroller. I described the processes and the exact way of the operating.

I tested all parts of the ready data collector unit. For the first time. I simulated the signals of the sensors, then I used real ones.

Finally, I sketched possible ways of improvement of the data collector unit.


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