Design and Implementation of an Integrated Intelligent Data Collection Unit for Acces Control Systems

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Intelligent houses are becoming popular nowadays, and do tasks instead of humans. There are several life and property protection systems, for instance fire alarms and access control systems, which are compulsory installed due to the law and for safety reasons. The sensors which are used by these systems collect a lot of information about the condition of the house. These data is usually for internal use, so if an automatic house is wished to be built, then every sensor is need to be installed once more.

The aim of my system is to solve this problem. The safety systems collect almost all the necessary information for automating a house, consequently my new system could get data by communicating with them, and then interfere in the house according to its conditions and/or send data to the central processing server.

Firstly I get acquainted with a fire alarm system and an alarming system. I studied the protocols used for communication in these systems and their working method. I studied another system, PREDOR, which is the product of the company where I’m working now. This is an access control system able to supervise the authority of clients.

These three systems are enough to implement a simple control of an intelligent house. The alarm system and the access control system is responsible for the number of people to access and fire alarm system is responsible for other alarms.

In the first semester I did a research and make a concept about the implementation of the system.


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