Development of an access control system using Raspberry PI

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Thanks to the rapid spread of the IoT devices and single-board computers, it is really easy to develop spectacular and useful projects even at home. If we don’t just think about home use, these devices can be significant help at rapid prototyping as well. Parallel with spread of hardware, lot of operation system and development framework appeared at the market, to make the developers life easier.

Nowadays we can not imagine that a big company don not use some access control system in his offices or in his factories. But the complexity of these systems are higher than we need for home use. Think about a smart house, we do not need to store thousands of people in the data base and the system don not have to serve hundreds of requests at one time.

The goal of the thesis is to design and develop an access control system for home use and for small businesses. The completed system can handle the entry of the users, on a graphical user interface we can manage the people who have permission to enter with the system, and the user can get some information about the state his/her permission. Because the price of the complete system should be minimal, that’s why it is profitable to work with devices and software from the IoT world, so we can reduce the cost of the complete system.


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