Indoor localization using UWB technology for autonomous mobile robots

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Dr. Koller István
Department of Networked Systems and Services

On the market there are plenty of modules that are equipped with indoor localization feature or at least with ranging capability, but most of them do not have the ranging precision and rate required for mobile robot navigation.

In 2007, two new Phísical Layers were added to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. One of them is capable of ranging. It is the UWB Physical Layer, which offers precise ranging feature. UWB is not a new-made technology, but is also not widespread at this moment.

DecaWave, an Irish fabless Semiconductor Company has developed the DW1000 UWB transceiver chip, that implements the ranging feature of the UWB Physical Layer, and offers indoor ranging precision of 10 cm, even while moving at up to 5 m/s.

In my thesis I develope an embedded software for a group of DW1000 board, that has a feature of determining distance between two UWB transceivers, and a Location Engine that can calculate the moving object’s indoor position. I will make some measurements to prove the accuracy of the chip too.


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