Analysis of indoor propagation by ray tracing model

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Szalay Zoltán Attila
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

My thesis aims the indoor wave propagation. During the last decade, the wireless and mobile telecommunication systems is growing faster. The number of users and the data rate per user are increased in cellular systems. Due to increased data rate and user number, the coverage area of cell shows smaller trend. The coverage area of cell has become comparable with building size. Consequently, the importance of indoor propagation has growing.

The spectrum is a finite and expensive resource, therefore, it is required to use it effectively. However, we must know the radio channel. To increase spectrum usage efficiency, empirical, semi-empirical and asymptotic propagation models are used. The most accurate, and also the most computation is the asymptotic method. The asymptotic method is based on ray-tracing.

In my thesis, I implement a ray-tracing model in MATLAB environment. The ray-tracing model is based on three dimensional Shooting and Bouncing Ray algorithm. The model should be take into account the building layout, and the wall type. Therefore, I designed databases to modeling the building.

In the first part of my thesis, I present the basic theory of indoor propagation such as transmission, reflection and diffraction. Subsequently, I present the implemented, own-designed model in test environment. Eventually, I perform simulations in a real building, and compare the result of the simulation and measurement.


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