Indoor illumination modeling and control based on artificial intelligence methods

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our daily life it is important to have the best light conditions. At home, at our workplace we want to create the best circumstances to improve our comfort. Besides the comfort the right illumination has economic factors too. Most of the time we use are lights unnecessary.

To get the best light conditions first we need a model of the examined room. The model has to contain the description of the artificial and the natural light conditions. With the comprehensive model we can design a controller to set the artificial lights.

The target of the thesis is to model the illumination of a room- considering the artificial and natural lighting- in Matlab/Simulink and create an artificial intelligence to control it.

The thesis contains the mathematical description of the affecting factors of the natural and artificial lighting, the model of the artificial intelligence which is a fuzzy controller and the description of the user interface. At the end there are options for further development and for optimization.


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