Desing and development of an indoor positioning system for office environment

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

My thesis discusses a highly popular topic nowadays, the indoor navigation systems. Not only does it give you an insight of the world of applied positioning and navigation technologies – more about WLAN and Bluetooth – and their comparison, but also addresses the functions of already existing applications as Path Guide and WestEnd City Center. Moreover, it follows through my development of an Android application from the start. This application uses Bluetooth technology, works with Beacons, is able to identify user's position and can be used for navigation.

While writing my thesis, my aim was to show the process of decision making when considering the right option from many, as well as outlining its outcome for the future. E.g. it details the reasons why I chose Bluetooth for my application from the various available technologies. In the occasions when I faced crossroads in the decision-making process, I would always find the way through using my extended knowledge that I had gained at the University, which makes me feel very proud to be a student here. E.g. propose and develop Dijkstra’s Algorithm to get the shortest path of the given graph.

Furthermore, my thesis demonstrates that I developed the application by using agile methodology. The application was split into smaller operating modules. In this way I could always ensure fast value delivery to the potential customer (in this case to me). The results of these operating modules, like how successful the tests were after the implementations, and what further thoughts came to mind, can be found at the end of each particular chapter.


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