Development of indoor localization application for Android platform

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

To objective of this Bachelor work is to prepare an application, that collects the user’s positions inside of a building, and then it will be able to determine its position. In our technology-oriented world, everybody has a „smart device”, and an application like this could be a big advance in the initial navigation in a new building, or maybe in helping handicapped people in inside-navigation.

The main idea, that we should write a social-application, because it will be used by many people in one building, and they will be help each other with measuring - but in this case, as first step, my application is working only locally. How does it work actually?

The user loads a local map, in that it can tap its actual position that will be saved on mobile. In this case, other data will be also saved – for example the GSM Cell Identifier (if SIM-Card is inserted), the nearest WLAN Access Point’s MAC-Address and signal strength, and a position-descriptor tag, which is definitely describes the user’s position. In one measurement – because of precision – there will be more data saved, because the signal strength’s can change in time. If these data is available, navigation is easy with some database querying. This navigation functionality gives continuous position-report to the user.

The final goal is the absolute navigation with absolute coordinates in an absolute map. This will be working with rotation of the local map (for example to Google Maps, which is obvious in an Android-environment). In case of opening a new local map, Google Maps comes up, and the user can tap the left-over and right-down point of the local map on the global one, and there will be only one transformation needed to implement this final rotation. With these steps our final goal will be solvable.


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