Practical evaluation of indoor radio frequency propagation models

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Lukovszki Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Indoor positioning is becoming a common term thanks to the spread of Wi-Fi capable mobile devices. More and more Wi-Fi capable devices appear on the market, which are opening a new frontier in indoor localization. Nowday positioning is an important part of our life, the most comman positioning system is the GPS.

The GPS system is incapable of indoor positioning, because the mobile device needs in-line of site connection to the satellite in orbit. In urban areas there are several solution to solve this problem, but working in indoor environment is not solved to this day. The spreading of the Wi-Fi networks, make it an obvious solution to use these networks for indoor positioning. The Wi-Fi networks were not made for this solution, there are problems with using it for localization. The propagating wawe is not behaveing like in a free space enviroment, so it have to be modelled in a different way, becouse when the radiowawe makes contact with a structural elemet of the building, it will reflect, absorbe and scatter the wawe, which will have effect on the positioning.

My diploma thesis project involved search for indoor radio propogation modells for positioning. Making Wi-Fi measurements to examin the modells and to determine which one is the best.


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