Development of an indoor real-time locating and positioning system for industrial applications

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of my thesis was to create an indoor localisation algorithm, which is based on the localisation capable equipments at the evopro Innovation Kft.

I started my thesis with the introduction of positioning and localisation systems. To fulfil this task, firstly I made a research on the corresponding subject, thus I got acquainted with various technologies and trends. After this I got familiar with the algorithms and auxiliary methods behind the technology, from which I learned how I can compare these systems. Finally I examined the RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) available on the market.

In the next part of my work I got to know the RTLS system in possession of evopro Innovation Kft. and an RTLS system architecture was developed meeting the objectives of this system. The system is capable of accepting multiple different RTLS systems and location algorithms. I have partially implemented the architecture, and developed a suitable localisation algorithm.

The algorithm is based on an RFID system providing identification and received signal strength data and a PIR sensor based network providing only activities. The localisation algorithm offers identificated object tracking in the area of motion sensors as well, exploiting the information of the environment.

I implemented and tested the algorithm, drew the conclusion and determined the limits of the algorithm.


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