Development of energy management demonstration board

OData support
Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The energy is more and more expensive, it is near triteness. Regarding to the energy, living and producing energy-conciously, energy-efficiently is still not natural in Hungary. According to several international research we can achieve about 10% savings by only regarding to the energy-consumption, or tracking it continuously. It is possible to achieve further 10-25% reduction of the consumption by low amount improvements, which return rapidly.

The energy management systems is available to collect the data, visualize, process and store them. It is helping the companies reducing the cost. The energy management system consist of measuring devices and a software.

The Department of Electric Power Engineering of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics received PLC-s and performance measurer appliances from Phoenix Contact Kft., using these we started designing new energymanagement meausuring walls with my colleague: Dobsa Máté. Based on our plans we built a test measuring wall, my thesis mention measurement on this wall also. In the other half of the year I edited screens for the student measurements, using the AVReporter energymanagement software which was received from Konsys Kft.


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