Studying the effects of insider trading to stock prices with data mining algorithms

OData support
Nagy Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Stock market trading bulk large in these days. It is easy to access data about securities on the internet, for example by using the service called Yahoo Finance. The most recognized list of the biggest companies presented on market is made by Standard & Poor's, and known as S&P 500.

Insiders are the people who have a position of trust in a company, and may access informations, that are not available for everybody. The regulation of insider trading differs worldwide, and the opinions are divided over their legalization. What certain is that the transactions made by insiders could have influence on exchange rate movements.

I will process the data of Yahoo Finance regarding insider trading and share prices in the thesis work. From these I will create a data set wich is available to be analised during the examination of the companies listed in S&P500. I will analyse these data sets using RapidMiner data mining software. The focus of the research is the identification of the insider trading transactions and their effect on the exchange rate of the securities.


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