Scheduling algorithm on .NET platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the stores are getting bigger, because of that they hire a lot of employees, and the number of the jobs to be done is growing. They also try to maximize the opening hours. It is not rare, that the bigger stores are open all day long on all of the days of the week. During a day the occurring demands can also change, which we have to adapt to for the sake of the efficiency.

Under these circumstances if an employee had to make the complete and an acceptable assignment it would take a very long time. The problem gets even harder if we consider that an assignment has to meet further requirements. Beyond that a complete assignment can be better or worse than another, because we can rate them in many ways which are important for the stores. Similarly, viewing a complete solution in a computer is much more effective, faster and user friendlier.

Because all of these, there is a demand on that these assignments should be made by computers. In this case the aim is not only to make an acceptable solution, but to make it optimal, or at least as optimal as we can. Doing all of this under a short period of time, because a solution would be useless if it would give an answer on a problem from the past.

A solution made by a computer opens the door to further features, which in some cases serves the comfortable usage of the software, or in other cases may improve the efficiency using the human interactions. Such a feature can be the various views of a solution, or making simultaneously various assignments. After the solutions are made the users can choose the best for them.


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