Development of a timetabling algorithm

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

An assignment’s design takes a long time in the reality. I have already an experience about that, because I was the HR manager of a one-week-long event, which we organized for the freshmen. I had the commitment to assign to the events around 200 seniors who worked on some programs of the week. To make every people’s assignment took many hours for our six-member team. The trouble is that there are lot of programs, which are in the same time. Some people have special assignment we have to handle separately, while the people lack was a constant problem. This inspired my thesis, because I was sure, this process could be done automatically, easily and fast.

In this context I get to know the Hungarian algorithm which is a pairing algorithm. The use of this seems good, since I have to pair seniors to scope of activities. During my work I used this algorithm, and I created my assignment’s application. It contracts the data of seniors and programs from a database, then it prepares for the pairing algorithm.

After the running of the algorithm the assignment is complete, which is written in an Excel date table, so will be readable to the after-ages too.

I hope my application will be useful for our events in the future, so the work will be faster. My app is extensible, so it isn’t a problem, if the events change later.


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