Scheduling challenges on .NET platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In a scheduling problem, one has to satisfy certain demands using the available resources and therefore creating an assignment as the result of the problem. In this paper, I am writing about a scheduling problem, where the resources are the employees of a company; the demands, the number of required employees for a certain job, are determined by the employer. The task is to compute the work schedule of the employees and show it on the screen in a user friendly way. My partner, Ladislav Végh’s task was the design and implementation of the algorithm, and mine was the design and implementation of the view.

The emphasis on my work was on showing the finished schedule as clear and as understandable for the user as possible, in order to be able to decide whether the result is satisfying her or his demands. Therefore I made it possible for the user, to analyse the result in two different views. In one view, the result is shown in a detailed view, showing every existing part of the schedule. The second view is a summarized view of the result, where the employee can only see the most important parts. Nevertheless I implemented an approximate method to decide, whether a problem is solvable or not, without actually solving the schedule.

I used Windows Forms, which is part of the .Net Framework, to the implementation. In this paper, I show how I used and transformed the result of a scheduling problem, to a user friendly view.


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