Development of a scheduling system

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Software development is an engineering job. The development of an effective, maintainable software can use principles from various natural sciences. Determining the appropriate way to implement a software component and the whole system makes this profession special. The scheduling of workers has been a hard task for ages. Nowadays companies with a large number of employees cannot handle optimally the dynamically changing demands for their employees along with the numerous law restrictions.

I joined the development team of an automatic scheduling system that offers a solution for this problem. This system differs from ordinary software so it's development, testing and refactoring are special. I was working on these tasks as the member of the development team. Testing proved to be a major challenge because of the architecture of the system.

During the testing I got to know the basic principles of the components and the data structures they use. I used that knowledge during the development of the system where I learned about how each module affects the others. Then I worked on finding and correcting inconsistencies and ways to optimization.

I gained a lot of practical knowledge during the development, testing and refactoring tasks. I appreciate this knowledge especially because my previous studies and experiences lacked in special systems.


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