Message handling on Android extended with speech technology

OData support
Dr. Csapó Tamás Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In this era of smartphones and mobile internet, everyone can be online all the time regardless of physical location. These devices have new, unique interfaces: interaction can be done with their different sensors and most importantly their touch-sensitive screens. In certain situations, however, these input methods are not optimal or even impossible to use. In these cases (e.g. while driving or cycling), alternative ways are needed to communicate with the device. Voice control and feedback can be a very useful function in these types of situations, where the device can respond to the user’s commands using natural language.

My thesis work presents an application created for Android to handle messages of different sources. This app, besides the typical control options, uses speech synthesis to read messages and speech recognition to interact with its user. The primary task of this application is to display personal messages (either SMS or e-mail) using its unique user interface and to provide means for creating and sending new messages as well. The design of this application builds on pre-existing message handling applications explored while establishing the use case. The work also involves the testing and evaluation of the finished application with volunteer testers chosen from the target user base.


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