Public-opinion poll aided by speech technology

OData support
Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My task was to build a public opinion polling system on Android operating system. Its purpose is to replace the paper based polling with an electronic one, to make the processing of the surveys more efficient and more environmentally friendly and to make the continuous polling automatic.

The system is based on a client-server architecture.

The server side stores the answers, which are uploaded by the client, in a database, as well as the surveys in XML format, which is based on a schema I created. The statistics of the uploaded data can be later visualized on the server's user interface.

The client can download the survey from the server, process and display it, go through its questions one-by-one, and after this has been finished, save the answers in the server's database. The client has text to speech functions because of accessibility reasons. For this feature I used the speech synthesizer developed at the university, but it can be used with other speech synthesizers as well. Besides, this application can utilize the Leslie Kish survey sampling, which is commonly used by public opinion researchers.


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