Optimization of wireless power link for implanted medical devices

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Szimler András
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays implantable medical devices have become more and more

widespread. The electrical recharging of these devices cannot be accomplished without

applying the transmission of energy through the skin.

In my thesis the possibility of the transmission of energy through the skin is

detailed, with special respect to the transmission of energy in electromagnetic way,

whose most effective method is applying the system of a coupled pair of coils. We have

elaborated the chain model of magnetic transmission of energy, which we have proved

by results of simulating and measuring. On the bases of the results we have optimized

the effects of the transmitter and receiver coils to the maximum of transmission


We have optimized the E – class power amplifier driving the transmitter coil to

the given operation. Later we examined the possibilities of regulating the radiated


We have made the bread board model of the electric circuit, on witch we have

tuned the final power amplifier, and we have set the regulating parameters. After that

the final printed circuit board has been made.


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