Developement of an application in Oracle Application Express for managing return of income at a company issuing E-vouchers

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Recently it is becoming more and more popular to provide fringe benefits not in the traditional, paper-based form, but in a card system. The employers transfer the amount of the benefits to an account, and the employee can use the assigned plastic card (which is similar to credit cards) for payment in several places where it is accepted. They only have to claim which balance they want to pay from.

During the semester I collaborated with NEW-GSOFT Ltd., which offers e-vouchers for companies. They provided me a high level of freedom in the planning as well as in the implementation of my application, only some parts of the database schema was fixed.

My application processes the claims submitted by the employees about the form and the amount of the different fringe benefit types. The application processes the incoming data fast and accurately, then saves them in the right databases.

In the first part of my dissertation I wrote about the installation of the required environment for the development and functioning. I also pointed out the problems occured and then I described the final structure of the system.

In the second part I presented the process of planning and developing of the application.

In the last part I provided information about testing and evaluation, then described the possible directions of further development.

I attached a user guide in the annex which contains detailed descriptions about the required information to use the system.


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