Developement of an application in Oracle JDevelopement for managing return of income at a company issuing E-vouchers

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Recently, cafeteria system has become very popular in Hungary, nowadays every fourth people uses cafeteria vouchers. Firstly, favorable tax conditions and the increasing number of accepting places have contributed to the spread of cafeteria. The widespread utilization reveals that this opportunity is worth for the employers, while they can develop more favorable wage formation system for the employees thus, they can reduce wage costs.

Cafeteria vouchers have a lot of advantages, although we have to admit that usage is complicated and uncomfortable, moreover cafeteria system requires a lot of administration from employers.

As an alternate version of voucher cafeteria, card cafeteria has appeared which can assure a more obvious way of usage for customers, and less administration for employers. This kind of cafeteria can operate only on contractual basis, the card provider signs contracts with the employers and employees. After that the ordinary business operation requires only virtual contacting, which boosts the processes.

The issue of my thesis was to create an online return submitting system for Multi-Pay. Through this, employers can make declarations - referring to the signed contract - about the amount of allowance that they are willing to provide to their employees.

The application had to be developed by Oracle JDeveloper. In my thesis I explained the process of the development, the experience I have met, and I presented the used functions and technologies.


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