Design of the elecrtic system and its control with KNX system for a shopping center

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis i deal with designing the electricity supply of a shopping center and its controlling by a KNX building control system.

In the first step i drew the layout of the building and following this i determined the parts of its roof. I planned the natural conducting of heat and smoke in the shopping area on the basis of the OTSZ (National Fire Defence Regulations).

Knowing the layout and the parts of the roof my thesis puts the emphasis on building up a lightning protection system. Keeping the rules of the OTSZ which refer to the lightning protection system i made the lightning protection risk management of the building. After the necessary changes done to reach the proper lightning protection risk i designed the lightning protection system of the building.

After building up the lightning protection system i formed the lighting system of the building with the help of Relux lighting designing program that contains industrial, safety and reserve lighting.

As the first step of planning the energy supply of the building i chose and planned the electrical consumers of the shopping center and estimated the electrical outputs. Knowing the necessary input i chose the transformator, the aggregator and the uninterruptible power supply.

Following the choosing of the transformator i determined the short-circuit current produced on the 0,4 kV and 10 kV sides of the transformator. Knowing the short-circuit current and the output of the consumers my thesis puts the emphasis on choosing the switching devices.

After choosing the switching devices i measured the cables supplying the consumers to voltage drop.

I inspect the created electricity system from the point of view of shock protection.

As the last step knowing the consumers and the electricity system i applied a building control system to be able to control the fall upon on the building.


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