Internet-based verification of bibliographic data

OData support
Dr. Kollár István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


There are several publication databases available on the internet with many search options and other useful functions. Technical University of Budapest has it's own database named Publikációs Adatbázis. It contains not only publication metadata, but also the link to the record of the same publication in great international databases such as Web of Knowledge and Scopus.

In most databases it is possible to upload data without error checking, and therefore these data may be corrupted. Because of the large amount of records, it is necessary to validate the uploaded data with computer.

I am developing a computer program to compare BME-PA records with international databases using BME-PA's links and rank them according to the level of matching. International databases prohibit programmed download, so downloading structured data is a challenge in itself. It is important that the program should be unaffected by typos, and the order of given and family names (which may be different in different languages).

The program can validate or delete links in BME-PA, and it can also filter obvious mistakes such as ISBN numbers with wrong checksum.


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