Integration of BigData Tools in Java Spring Environment

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In these days, one of the most trendy phrase in the IT industry is Big Data, and it has a good reason. As the internet spread around the whole world, the production of data has been increased in a huge way, and this tendency doesn’t seem to stop. The amount of data generated by the social media and video streaming platforms has reached a whole new level, that nobody had seen before. Nevertheless, the evolution of hardware and microsensors haven’t stopped yet either, so the measurements taken by the emerging „smart” devices are also contributing in the creation of Big Data. The growing amounts of data had forced the world of database systems to evolve and develop.

The way of storing and managing these amounts of data is not clear at all, because the relational database technologies, which became standards in the last decades are unsuitable for these kinds of data. In order to be able to work with these big amounts of data, we are in need of Big Data applications. With Big Data applications we can store, manage and analyze Big Data effectively. These Big Data solutions can also be easily integrated in many trending programming platforms, such as Java.

The aim of this document is to present a way of using these Big Data solutions in Java environment. My job is to create a server-side application using Java platform and Spring framework, that can store and manage big data, which are generated by measuring electromagnetic fields. The application has to use the Big Data database named HBase, the Spark framework, and the NiFi datalogistics system created by Apache Foundation. The server-side application has to be able to expose data by a REST API.


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