Designing and installing developer platform for BigData research

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The appearance of “BigData” and “Internet of Things” with the explosive growth of information, which needs to be processed, completely changed the methods of storing data. Old technologies handles data in other perspectives, this led to a new era of data storing. Plenty of new data storing technologies showed up in the last few years.

The goal of my thesis is to create a well scalable software environment, which can handle distributed NoSQL databases and provide an effective environment to perform BigData researches.

Through my work, I have cleared the definition of BigData, and then took an overview of its advantages and disadvantages. After this, I got through of the technologies associated with BigData. The next step is to draw up the requirements of the environment and define the resources of the system. I specified the software and network architecture. In its process, noted every decision I have made, and showed its motives.

After the planning, finally I could built up the software environment, then I could test its performance with benchmark analysis. A test program has been be created for serving this benchmark analysis. At last, I reviewed my results and attached a project and user documentation for preparing easier usage of the environment.


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