Biofeedback- and VR-driven RPG game in Unity and DayDream enviroment

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The fast paced development of technology provides a whole variety of opportunities for certain fields of sciences. This paper introduces a method in which an essential psychological test is reworked using Google’s virtual reality platform the DayDream. The thesis elaborates on the inherent possibilities of the combination of psychology and VR technology.

A detailed explanation of the conceptual and technological approach of virtual reality is given. The paper introduces a convenient way of monitoring the mental state of the user utilizing the MindWave neuroheadset, then explains the underlying purpose of the chosen technologies like the above mentioned tools and the Unity game engine.

The VR technology gives game developers a toolset that provides the potential to be innovative. The thesis elaborates on how I managed to exploit these potentials in order to further enhance the illusion of reality in the game. Besides the entertainment the main goal of the project is conducting the psychological test. Therefore, a detailed explanation is given on how the foundation of the game was designed and developed, and what the proper way of connecting the neuroheadset to the Unity framework is.

At last the paper reviews the results and the experience I gained as a developer during this project.


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