Options for biogas use and trading the energy derived in Hungary

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Sőrés Péter Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During my thesis I examined the possibilities of energy production using renewable energy sources. The site of the examined project is located in a sewage plant, which would like to produce energy using the biogas produced by the plant.

It is possible to get support for the sale of the electricity produced by biogas-based power plants in accordance with the decree on the support of the use of renewable energy sources published by the government. I looked at the conditions and possibilities of this support for several possible constructions. For the sake of the completeness of the thesis I write about the motivation and importance of the project after i briefly describe the operation of the plant. I examined the costs of each design, the amount of energy sold, and then determined the duration of the supported sale as set out in the attachment of the decree. In the case of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) schemes, I examined the impact of the application of different working schedules for the gas engine.

The specialty of the project is that in the area, modernization of the sewage plant is planned, as well as a district heating system starting from a nearby base. For this reason, I also examine the possibility of cogeneration when examining the use of biogas. The great advantage of this is that it results in primary energy saving, which in this case - given the finite amount of energy available - is of great importance. The conditions and equipments needed for joining the district heating system were also included in the calculations.

Based on the available data, estimates and plans, I prepared a simplified time of pay-off table for the various designs, after which I evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of each design.


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