Integrating a small size CHP power plant into medium voltage grid of local utility, introduction to electrical system design and network studies

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering


Today's modern world cannot be imagined without power supply. Long time has passed since the invention of the light-bulb, and the demand for energy is still continuously growing. Power network is huge, forming a complex and complicated system. However, energy can never be enough. Demand for new developments appear day after day. Realization of these developments is a huge and complex process, which can last for years.

My dissertation is about studies in connections of small gas turbine CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants to the power system including the necessary calculations and measuring exercises. I’m going to work according to a real plan, which has been provided by E.ON Zrt. In the dissertation I will use fictiv names istead of the real places.

Firts of all, I will study the actual standards of designing after the prior consultation with the power supply firm. During the calculations I will try to use and verify methods studied during my studies.

During the procedure I will examine the different plant status of distribution in order to meet connection criteria. As a first step, I will assemble all the terms as a basis for my thesis. During the calculations I will present a newly studied method together with its theoretical background, then the result will be verified by the learnt methods. On the basis of the results I will sum up the connection conditions of the small power plant, then I will propose a solution for the selection of the main parts. Finally I will present the installation procedure of the small power plant on the basis of standard regulations.

The drawings, tables, illustratons and other catalogue data are significant parts of my work, they were all provided by E. ON Zrt.


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