Development of bioinformatics data analysis framework for grid architecture

OData support
Dr. Hullám Gábor István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Biologists in bioengineering conduct their research on huge amount of datasets. These research require the implementation of various statistical tools, which are usually computationally intensive. A solution to this problem is to develop a grid-based environment for distributed computing, which includes the framework for the applications, that run the needed analysises. The Condor system for high throughput computing is a great choice because it delivers exactly this kind of framework.

My task was to design and develop a system described above, which is capable of evaluating the results of genomic tests using the MDR (multifactor dimensionality reduction) algorithm. My work has been impleneted as a part of an existing web-based Java Enterprise Edition system.

After reading and searching through the literature of this topic, I planned and developed the new components into the system. I also developed a new application that processes the given datafile and runs the analysises on the Condor grid.


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