Climate study of biodegradable circuit substrates

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

I made a short literary overview about the enviromental testing of electronic components. I also collected the most commonly used accelerated stress tests, and defined the degree of accelerations in various life-span models. I got to know the machines that were able to create the enviroment for temperature, humidity and bias stress test (THB) and highly accelerated stress test (HAST). I also got to know the methods which are used to evaluate the results of these tests.

The biodegradable plastics that were exposed to the enviromental tests were polylactic acid (PLA) and cellulose acetate (CA). I measured their surface roughness, surface hardness and bending strength before and after the stress tests. Using a longer THB test I also measured the humidity recording of both biodegradable plastics and a FR4 composite material. I also measured the bending strength of PLA and CA on raised temepratures becasue of the heat sensitivity of biodegradable plastics.

During the evaluation of the measurement results, i got numerical and visible results of the degradable effect of these enviromental tests (HAST and THB). I also compared the post-production results of these plastics with the most commonly used printed wiring board the FR4 material. The raised temeprature level measurements gave me a numerical result to see how these two plastics behave in high temperature enviroment.


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