Experimental production of biodegradable circuit substrates

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

According to the principle of sustainable development the manufacturing companies, which produce electrical and electronic devices, should develop appliances and they should in their production avoid the exploitation of natural resources and their waste should not cause irreversible damages to the environment. In my thesis I am dealing with the manufacturing of printed circuit board.

First of all I write about the potential raw materials, the production of panel, the attempts to separate conductor layer and researches on the produced samples.

After that I explain how can the different layers be put to the panel and how effective was the separation of conductor layer from the different biodegradable printed circuit board.

All analyses are done compared to FR4 composite printed circuit board. In my work I aimed to use the latest resources, because this technical change determines our future.

All researches made in Budapest University of Technology and Economics Electronics Technology Professorship laboratory.


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