Implementation of Computer Supported Biomechanical Motion Analysis System

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The biomechanical motion analysis makes it possible to observe the human body during motion. The path of sensors fit on the human body are examined by motion capture technology. We are able to create the kinematic and dynamic study of the motion using a properly chosen body model and body segment parameters based on biomechanical measurements. The main purpose of Fehér Ló Alapítvány is to measure the state of patients and study the effectiveness of rehabilitation methods. The software presented in the second part of this thesis is trying to support this work. The software is capable of analysing recorded video files and calculating the three dimensional positions of the markers. After that we fit a body model to the measuring points so we can study the motion of the mass point of the human body. The software is capeable of further processing of the data. The motion of the patient is visualized by three dimensional animation. Beyond that we can compute anatomial angles and walking parameters.


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