Python Security Camera Application for Raspberry Pi

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the usage of residential security systems is getting more and more widespread all over the world. People like to keep their values and properties safe from burglars. One of the most current solutions of security systems is the security camera.

In my thesis work, I created a new intelligent security camera. The system was made for Raspberry Pi computer in Python language. The Raspberry Pi Camera has an official camera module and it is capable to records videos and capture pictures. It is easy to control the system, because its user only needs a web browser. The camera is intelligent because it detects motion by analyzing images. It has an email alert feature which sends an email to the user if the motion detection algorithm finds a difference between the sequential images. The email has an image attachment showing the picture which was taken for detecting the motion. The security camera has two modes. The first one is the video recording mode, when the system records videos and saves it on he Raspberry’s SD card. The second is the live stream mode in which the user can follow the camera live with a browser.

This camera system can prove that it has its place among the best security systems on the market.


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