Security camera software development, build servers and external hardware design engineering

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This degree thesis covers the more and more popular, dynamically developing security cameras operating process, transmission of a certain picture via FTP, setting the exact time, designing the circuit and software for the external hardware, and build helping methods.

The first section is about the camera type diversities, the working process of the IP cameras and the software development of a given camera type.

The following part describes the method of the continuous integration, and also, how a Bamboo server works.

Then the camera image uploading process and the operation of the FTP connection is discussed in detail. Furthermore, it covers the way of setting the accurate time via NTP and the exploration of the cameras on the local network using Zeroconf.

The following section writes about the way a Bamboo server works. With it we can build, test and save our software onto a remote computer.

Finally the finished product’s way of working is shown and how well it can recognize license plates. In the end there are some words about further development.


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