Development of a safety-critical protocol converter in embedded environment

OData support
Suba Gergely
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In safety-critical systems, like railway system, safety and availability of the equipment is priority. ProSgima is a Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) signal transmission equipment developed by Prolan Process Control co. ProSigma uses IP network for the signal transmission. ProSigma can communicate with other railway systems with a protocol converter module.

In this thesis I present the ProSigma system and its single protocol converter module. With the knowledge and experience I have got I define the main functionalities of safety relevant protocol converters.

With taken of flexibility aspects, I design message queues, timers and state machines which can be easily adopted in such embedded systems. I collect coding rules which are important to use in SIL4 firmware is written in C language.

For message queues and state machines I implement a code generator using Eclipse Modeling Framework, and Xtend technologies, and generate a C language code which is fulfill the defined coding rules. I also implement the designed timers. At the end I test my tool and code.


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