Integrating Secure Cloud-based File-Synchronization Service in Windows Environment

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays cloud services are becoming more and more popular, companies can easily move their existing or planned infrastructure to the cloud. This solution has the advantage of reduced costs, high scalability, the pay-as-you-go paying model, also you can always use the latest and known to be bug-free software and you do not have to hire and/or train a system administrator. However one of their biggest disadvantages is the cloud provider has access to its users’ data. These security issues are simply not satisfactory for some economic sectors, so they cannot use cloud services despite all the advantages.

Major part of the problem is data security, when files are stored and shared in the cloud. This issues can be resolved by using the Tresorit library: it uses client-side encryption to ensure all data uploaded to the cloud will be already encrypted on the client computer, so nobody except the file owners can access it. That means nor the cloud provider can access it. This is done by a patented solution created by the Tresorit team.

In my thesis I’m planning and performing the integration of this fairly complex, native software library for Windows. I will introduce the usage of this cryptographic library, plan and implement the interoperability between the native library and the managed C# code, create the WPF-based graphical user interface, achieve the integration with the operation system, like the detection of the file system events, usage of the notification area, extension of the explorer and the shell. Furthermore I will document the problems coming up while developing this rather complicated software and their solutions.


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