Integration of a Secure Cloud-Based File Synchronization Service in a Linux Environment

OData support
Dr. Buttyán Levente
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays it is more and more important for all kinds of businesses to keep their confidential data safe from unauthorized identities, let them be customers or competitors. The protection of our private documents is equally essential. Currently the most popular cloud based file-synchronization services fail to provide sufficient protection for our data as in most cases files are either stored unencrypted, or stored with the information needed to decrypt them.

Using some kind of cloud storage service is crucial for the customers, who would like to access their data anywhere. The solution developed by Tresorit combines the mentioned advantage with security. Using client side encryption results in that no attacker may decrypt the users' data, and not even the service provider. Despite of using encryption, safe sharing and functions, facilitating effective and customizable cooperation are not obstructed.

This paper aims at illustrating the integration of the program library to Linux platform developed by Tresorit.

The key to success is to attain the best possible level of integration, depending on the possibilities and the diversity of distributions and desktop environments. To achieve this, I use the Qt framework which is one of the most broadly used graphical development toolchains on the Linux platform.

In this paper I introduce the Linux platform, the interface of the Core program library developed by Tresorit, the Qt framework as well as the plans needed for developing the application. Then I turn to the methods that enable the installation and update of the application, followed by a description of achieving the integration. Finally, I outline the software, supporting development and the testing of the application.


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