Centralized log collection and management for secure small business WLAN infrastructure

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays there is a growing need for the use of wireless networks. Due to fast spread of modern communication devices, smartphones, tabletPCs, corporate notebooks, the corporates began to deploy their own wireless infrastructure for primary or secondary use. The Aruba networks developed its virtual controller architecture solution, called Aruba Instant, which is the cheaper version of the original controller based product line, for small business corporates. This product is used by companies, who must fulfill some compliance requirements. Some parts of these compliances, for example PCI DSS, are related to centrally collecting and managing different logs, in which the GFI Software’s EventsManager log management solution can help. I will introduce some principles, requirement and basics related to wireless networks and logging. After the theoretical part I will examine, how could the Aruba Instant and the GFI EventsManager products cooperate in the same infrastructure to help fulfill the different compliance requirements. I will make a test environment and a rule set to collect and manage the Instant’s logs with the EventsManager, and later I will implement and test it in a real network, in dorm of Schönherz. If the tests will be successful I will look for, how could be the system’s functionality improved or expanded.


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