Development of Secure Wireless Sensor Network

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, there has been an increasing demand and curiosity towards smart things, like smartphones, smartwatches, smart homes, even smart cities. As a result of the high popularity due to the relatively low price, more and more people begun to possess smart devices in their pockets and households. This rapid evolution of smart things makes it more and more important, that we do not forget about the security considerations sur-rounding these devices, in order to use them without questioning the confidentiality and authenticity of the services offered to us, as they are dealing with and using our personal data which could be very sensitive information.

Smart home networks also received a lot of attention recently due to the wide range of different application areas that they enable, but security is also a very important issue, since possible attacks could prevent the network to operate as it would be intended.

The topic of my thesis is the security risk and threat assessment of a smart home wireless sensor network, analysis of possible attacks, and to provide possible solutions for these attacks and also to implement this security protocol on an existing network.

Some of the several challenges offered by this topic are the truly limited available re-sources of the sensor networks regarding energy supplies, computing capabilities and other hardware. In the analysis I will analyse the attacker's possible purpose, the com-plexity of the attack and the required resources and costs to deliver an attack on the sensor network considering the application of the particular network.

During the vulnerability reduction of the network I have to think about energy efficien-cy, the purpose and application area of the actual sensor network, the nature of the data transmitted through the network and also its physical location and topology.

During the analysis the attacks will be categorized in ISO OSI layers, then I will create a comprehensive security protocol for the examined wireless sensor network as a defence mechanism against the relevant attacks considering the network characteristics, aiming to lower the impact of attacks on the network by reducing their severity and probability.


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