Secure web application based on AngularJS and Spring

OData support
Ercsényi András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Most of the softwares (e.g. drawing, mailing or chatting) in the market has some web based client. Companies often use web technologies to create their native applications for different platforms. The usage of web applications has a very wide range, but depends a lot on technology, as well.

In case of developing an application for only home usage, it doesn't mean a risk to choose the technology. In this case, the application is usually developed by only one person, that's why the methods can be easily replaced. Enterprise application development is done by groups of people. This kind of application has to meet much more criteria.

The dissertation is about to represent a method of enterprise application development. With this method we can develop safe, robust and reliable applications, with serves side security solution and intelligent client side application.

Current document decides comparing thin and thick client. It also shows how to setup an environment for the development of a thick client application using REST API, how to develop the application itself, and how to deploy. I'll show the possible problems of the development of a two-component – Spring and AngularJS based – application. The current Spring application is perfectly abstract and modular to use it as a base of an enterprise sized application. The AngularJS based client is nowadays on of the most frequently used JavaScript framework. It is a really good option to use this two-component software system. Furthermore, it really fulfil the requirements these days, considering, that we use resource-rich workstations and we have a strong need for applications have responsive and feature-rich user interfaces.


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