Secure Web Services on Microsoft Platforms

OData support
Huszerl Gábor Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In our days the business solutions often require the support of physically distributed, heterogenic, loosely coupled information systems. Due to the web based communication, that enables the satisfaction of the requirements, web services are frequently used to achieve these systems.

In my thesis first I introduce the web services and their communication technologies. Thereafter I review the security issues of web services and traverse some common attack technics, then I introduce the fundamentals of web service security. Afterwards I provide an overview of reverse proxy security pattern, which enables to build centralized security solutions to defend the service infrastructure.

In the further part of the thesis I introduce an example system of this kind. In the first step I gather business requirements of the system and design its security aspects. Afterwards I design the reverse proxy, which provide the centralized security solutions.

In the closing chapters I describe the prototype implementation of the reverse proxy and review some interesting implementation detail, respectively I document the test results of the prototype.


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