Configuration management for safety critical systems

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Assurance of co-operation in different parts of a multi-module systems is a crucial task. Accurate handling and registry of different software versions is important for efficient configuration managemet. Assurance of consistency during the development of safety critical systems is paramount.

Railway control systems typically require high safety level solutions. High level of reliability and functionality is ensured by using the methods defined in the standards of safety critical systems.

Special guard systems guarantee the safe railway transport on stations. Accurate procession and transmisson of signals from different senors and acutators is an important task that can be solved with the ProSigma system developed by Prolan Limited.

In my thesis, I introduce the tasks in connection with the Configuration Management of ProSigma development. I describe the items and tasks in connection with this process. I also introduce the Java-based PSConfigTool which can handle the tasks of Configuration Management as development of this tool was partly my task at Prolan Ltd.

During the thesis work I gained good experience in Java development and configuration management of complex systems. I realised the requirements in connection with embedded firmware development and its procedures to ensure succesful integration in multi-layer software systems.

I had to familiarise myself with an already functional Java program and how to continue its development. I believe this skill and experinece will be very useful in my career as engineer, too. It is a very important part of the engineer’s work to get familiar with other’s mindset and be able to continue their work effectively.

The results of mine presented in this Thesis will have immediate indsutrial applications as they will be introduced into the safety system of Prolan Ltd.


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