Managing the changes of the workflows of an insurance company in Oracle BPM

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Companies working on the Information Technology field, nowadays, started transmitting their complex administrative processes, which are implemented in their old systems, into a new, easier maintainable BPM system. Nevertheless, it is way too complicated to differentiate and compere the BPM softwares of the different vendors. The market has already reached a development level where the vendor’s products have similar functionalities.

The project of my thesis is an application, in which clients and their contracts of an insurance company can be handled through the BPM processes. In this system, the variable needs of the business division can be solved, without the further development of the processes. In the tasks, which are results of the application, depending on the user rights, variable operations can be carried out, such as extension of a deadline, re-signing of a task, escalation, suspension, activation and withdrawal. Business Rules are a part of the system, and with their help, the limits can be changed at the decision making points, even during runtime. Part of the project is the version management of the business processes, since not all needs can be met without further development.

During my work, I studied the standards, technologies and amendment techniques which are offered by the used development tool, and after acquiring this knowledge, I started designing the application. The name of this development tool is Oracle JDeveloper Studio 12c.

The documentation provides the detailed specification about the designing of each phase, the implementation, version management and the subsequent testing, as these are all essential steps during development processes.

As a result of my thesis, I produced an application which provides adequate support to the employees and the clients of an insurance company. With the help of the used technologies, a rapid and high-quality satisfaction of the business needs, the management of the processes and their instances can be fulfilled, saving extra time and additional costs.


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