Implementing assurance application on IBM infrastructure

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays rapid integration processes are required by the business needs of companies. The biggest expectation what information systems have to come up to is to provide high-level integration and to support fast development. These could not be achieved by the existing ad-hoc solutions any more, because they would be very complex in the aspect of administration and development costs. On the other hand, maintenance and extension of these systems would be even more costly.

Due to the above reason, new integration method has been emerged called service-orientented architecture (SOA). By using it complex systems could be built out easily and rapidly. The Enterprise Service Bus is emerging as a SOA main infrastructure component whose benefit to hide the differences of data representation and protocoll of applications system executing the high-level integration in an enterprise environment.

Using these new technologies, it is easy to create an integration of some applications and platforms written in different programming languages with different locations into a big-company system effectively.

The results obtained during the thesis:

I have performed a Literature research (overview), during which I outlined in the SOA-related concepts and the technologies that are in connection with the system created by me.

I have integrated a (fictitious) insurence company's (demo) applications with the IBM ESB solution. The implementation encompassed the entire workflow, from design through to actual prototypes.


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